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Frames are a high-quality product compatible with creative architectural approaches. In addition to a timeless design, they also offer reliability. All Frames are fabricated to your specifications and are strung with Webnet. All components are made of quality stainless steel. The stainless steel execution (AISI 316) means that Webnet Frames are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

On stairways, they offer both stability and guidance as well as safety when employed as a delicate railing infill. Webnet Frames also serve well as room divider design elements. The frames themselves are available either in round or square tube material.  As a greening element, they provide a visual distinctiveness either on façades or when used free-standing. As a complement to the architectural circumstances, they function as a dividing element on airport or court buildings or offer protection above glass walls.

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Frame Type CLASSIC

CLASSIC Frames are made of stainless steel round tubes in various diameters. The connecting rope which secures the wire rope net in place is wound visibly around the frame. This frame type enables the use of virtually all shapes and net types, is cost-effective and stable.

Frame Type INVISS-R

On INVISS frames, the connecting rope lies within the slotted frame profile and is therefore not visible. This lends the frame a very elegant and aesthetic appearance.

INVISS-R designates frames with slotted round tubes.

Frame Type INVISS-C

Analogous to the INVISS-R frames, the INVISS-C frames utilise a rectangular or square profile.

Frame Geometries

The elasticity of Webnet makes it exceptionally well suited for the most diverse geometries. Choose from a selection of frame profiles, round frame shapes or free angles fabricated to meet your needs. Webnet can be employed as a surface filler, but can also be stretched into a three-dimensional shape as a spatial body: a funnel, cylinder or sphere.


Because the products are delivered ready-made, no elaborate assembly work is required for the installer on site. Suitable frame holders and clips can be included in delivery as needed. 

Design Possibilities

Set colourful accents with Webnet Frames in special colours! We can deliver the Webnet Frames with a colour coating as an option. The majority of the colours in the RAL Classic colour space are available.

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